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This article introduces a handy way to get the calling Testing Assembly from a. Section:.NET Framework.Want a helping hand from Microsoft for migrating your.NET Core and ASP.NET Core projects from project.json to the new VS2017 csproj format.

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DOTNET only allows you to target.Net 3.5. and the public key token.

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If you want to test the internals of a productive assembly you must mark the assembly with the InternalsVisibleTo-attribute.

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You also probably know that the hex string at the end represents a public key token,.

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Using the new publicKeyToken does not seem to work, as my code refrencing dll B does not compile.

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Actually since.net framework 2.0 i have been using my project.simillarly in.

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I just stumbled upon a funny problem related to the new.NET 2.0. InternalsVisibleTo and strong names. of the assembly, rather than the public key token.Then, you can get the public key token of a signed assembly by using sn.exe.

A strong name is a.NET assembly name combined with its version number and. but the full library signature including the public key token, for example.

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